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  2011 50th Reunion

The Capitol Hill High School class of 1961 celebrated its 50th year reunion over the week-end of September 16th and 17th, 2011 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in South Oklahoma City.

Activities included Golfing on Friday the 16th starting at 8:00 a.m. and Bowling on Friday the 16th starting at 2:00 p.m.  Followed by the Friday Night Social from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m.

Saturday Night Dinner and Dance from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.  Ronnie Kaye, a local disk jockey provided the music for the dance.

50th Reunion Committee Members
Connie (Abbitt) Cordell Earleene (Anderson) Porter
Judy (Bryant) Burns Elzene (Chadwell) Dyer
Bob Cleveland Judy (Cooper) Blaine
Paul Grounds Barbara (Hackett) Liner
Carolyn (Morton) Morava Linda (Parkey) Thomas
Patsy (Pulis) Huffhines Bob Snider
Linda (Tillson) Stewart Reba (Ward) Baker
Allen Willhite Ken Wood




  Who Attended

Listed below are classmates who attended our 50th Reunion. 

 Reunion Activities were:

        A =  Friday morning, September 16: Golf 
        B =  Friday afternoon, September 16: Bowling
        C =  Friday night, September 16:     Social and Hors d'oeuvres
                                                                    Embassy Suites Hotel
        D = Saturday night,
September 17:  Dinner/Dance (DJ: Ronnie Kaye)
                                                                    Embassy Suites Hotel




 NAME    Maiden Name in ( )

Reservations Made

(Abbitt) Connie & James Cordell C D
(Anderson) Earleene & Carel Porter C D
Annesley, Billy & Peggy (Pledger) Martin C D
(Atkins) Cecilia & Jim Ballard C D
(Avery) Barbara & Bob Kelly C D
(Baker) Carolyn Glover C D
(Beals) Anna & David Stracener C D
Beatty, Marvin & Peggy Ballard C D
Berryhill, Jeffrey C D
(Blackwood) Christine Burleson C D
(Blankenship) Dennice & Jim Noel C D
Boswell, Gary C D
Boudreau, Bill C D
(Brown) Geraldine Denney C D
(Brown) Nancy & Bill Tilley C D
(Bryant) Judy & Gerald Burns C D
Burns, Gerald C D
Cable, Ronald & Pauline C D
Carroll, David & Linda (Yount) C D
Chacey, Austin C D
(Chadwell) Elzene & Bob Dyer C D
(Chapman) Donna & Phillip Cowan C D
Cleveland,Bobby B C D
Collier, Whorton C D
(Conner) Mary Weed and Jamie Shrier C D
Cooper, Dwight C D
(Cooper) Judy Blaine B C D
Cooper, Richard C D
(Cotton) Charlotte Fox C D
Cox, Virgil Bill C D
(Crossfield), Sharon Cornell C D
(Crunk) Linda Files C D
(Davis) Jeralie Scanlan C D
(Day) Carrol Buck & Shirley Banker B C D
(Deitrick) Marilyn Herring C D
DeMoss, Coyle & Marianne C D
(Durbin) Cathey & Olene Daniel C D
Durham, Dale C D
Dwight, Allen & Phyllis C D
Edelman, Armond "Buck" & Carolyn (Clark) Edelman C D
Espinosa, George & Eva Gayle C D
(Ewing) Brenda & Claude Rex (1960) CD
Ferguson, Paul C D
(Ferree) Nancy & Jerry Ainsworth C D
(Ferrill) Cynthia Trantham C D
Fowler, Kenneth & Donna Ranole C D
Garner, Thomas C D
Garrett, Earl C D
Gentry, Earl & Sharon (Talley) C D
Gibson, Doug & Sheila C D
(Gill) Charlotte & Ron Schwedland C D
(Grady) Sharon Killough C D
(Graves) Cheryl & Aka DeMesa C D
Graves, David & Brenda C D
Grounds, Paul C D
(Hackett) Barbara Liner C D
Hardesty, Delmer & LaDonna A C D
(Harrison) Charlene Lindsey C D
Hendrix, Ed (Class of 1960) & Sharon Land C D
Hilterbran, Allen & Pam Rupert C D
(Horton) Linda Schutten C D
(Hulsey) Norma & Dan Griffin C D
Jenkins, Pete & Alice C D
Jewell, Larry & Candy C D
Johnson, Johnny & Barbara A C D
Killebrew, Larry C D
Lette, Charles & Shirley C D
(Leverich) Kaye Little C D
Lopez, Junior C D
Louthan, John C D
Maddox, Don and Hazel C D
(Mallory) Doris & Mel Duvall D
Manley, Toney & Margot C D
Maupin, Billy C D
Maupin, Bobby & Carol C D
Maxwell, Billy C D
McCallon, Pepper & Cindy C D
McMichael, Don C D
(Miller) Barbara "Barrie" Johnson C D
(Morton) Carolyn Morava C D
Moses, Merle C D
Noakes, Paula Price C D
Null, Jim & Jennifer A C D
Oglesbee, John & Jacqueline C D
Owen, Robert & Judy C D
Owens, Raymond & Karen A C D
Painter, Jasper & Joyce C D
(Parkey) Linda & John Thomas C D
(Pittman) Jan Queen C D
Pitzer, Gary "Biff" & Aquanetta C D
Pritner, Benny C D
(Pulis) Patsy & Gene Huffhines B C D
(Queen) Comolia Weter C D
(Rhoads) Karen & James Roedl C D
Rich, Eddie & Margaret C D
(Roberts) Loretta & Phil Schumacher C D
Rowland, Ronald & Marilyn C D
Russell, James C D
Scott, Jack & Janice A B C D
Seaton, Bob C D
Smith, Ovis "Smut" (1962) & Jeannie C D
(Smith), Shirley Beckenbauer C D
(Snell) Joyce Morrow C D
Snider, Bob & Gloria C D
Stanmire, Max  A C D
(Stiner) Marie & Dan Dunham C D
Stracener, David & Anna (Beals) C D
(Talley) Sharon & Earl Gentry C D
Talley, Shirley C D
(Tayar) Janice & Jerry Hawthorne A C D
(Taylor) Bonnie Askew B C D
Thomas, Mark & Ginny C D
Thompson, Delbert Ray A C D
(Tillson) Linda & Jim Stewart C D
(Vargas) Marti Hirst C D
Walker, David & Carol C D
(Walls) Betty & Leon Snider C D
(Ward) Reba Baker C D
(Whittington) Joyce & Jasper Painter C D
Willhite, Allen A C D
Willoughby, Troy & Jamie Murdock C D
Wilson, Don & Carolyn C D
Windel, Lynn C D
(Wise) Joyce & Eddie Booth C D
Wood, Ken & Susan C D
Wooliver, Joyce C D
Wright, Gary & Cheryl A C D
(Young) Carolyn & Cliff Kennedy C D
(Yount) Linda & David Carroll C D
  Teachers attending: Charles Murdock, Don Metheny, Harold Crosley
  Reservations For Friday/Saturday Night Events: 190(128 classmates+62guests)
  Reservations for Golf 15; Bowling 16
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